At Green & Co, we are committed to sustainability in all that we do. Our key aims are not just only implement strategies that protect our planet and our people, but to continue to review these annually so we can continue to progress positively. Our main focusses will always be:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse & Repurpose
Create a Sustainable lifestyle for clients, by delivering services that are personalised & adaptable
Create a sustainable working life for our Staff, by focussing on their wellbeing at all times
Create a sustainable local economy by shopping local, and supporting other independent businesses in the Ripon area.
Some of the key strategies we have already implemented are:

Four day work weeks for our staff
Offering low maintenance hair services to reduce the frequency of visits
Using Oway, a bio-dynamic brand that was the first in the world to eliminate secondary packaging, and use Glass & Aluminium (which is infinitely recyclable!)
Wellbeing & Counselling advice available 24/7 for our staff
Recycling our hair cuttings to mop up oil spills in seas around the world
Plus so, so much more!