All our policies are designed to maintain a high level of service, as well as providing all our guests with a safe and welcoming environment. 
We always want our guests to fully enjoy and immerse themselves in the Green & co experience. Our policies enable us to work efficiently and transparently, so our guests receive not only an outstanding hair service, but an overall indulgent experience. 

Upon booking an appointment, you will receive email confirmation, with a Booking Policy Form. Your appointment is only reserved until the Booking Policy Form is completed. Once completed your appointment is confirmed. 
Forms must be completed as soon as possible after scheduling the appointment. 
We reserve the right to cancel appointments should forms not be completed, this may be subject to our Cancellation and/or No Show policy.  
While we will endeavour to send reminders where we can, to remind you to complete your Booking Policy form, it is your responsibility to complete the form to confirm your appointment.

Green & Co do not take deposits. 
We operate a STRICT cancellation policy. This means that cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the appointment taking place. If it is within this time, 50% of the service cost is payable.
No shows are charged at 100%.
Consultations that are ordinarily free of charge, will incur a £20 fee for a missed appointment, or £10 fee for cancellations with 48 hours.
You must note this in their client notes (NOT the appointment notes) if the fee is not paid immediately.
We do not store client card details on file.
You will be unable to book further appointments if you have outstanding charges on your account.
If you require a reduction in the services you are booked in for, this must be done in line with our Cancellation Policy time frame. Any reduction in services within the 48 hour period will still be charged at the services they were originally booked in for.

We offer a 10 minute grace period for lateness, after the appointment will be automatically cancelled and charged at the full service cost.
Up to 10 minutes of lateness may compromise the your service, and others. Therefore lateness means you may forfeit part of your service as appropriately decided by your stylist. The appointment will still be charged for the services you were originally scheduled for.
Equally, if we are running late, we will make the commitment to still provide the full services in which you are booked in for, without compromise.

Skin testing has been, and always will be a priority for us. As client safety is of paramount importance. We must follow both our Manufacturer’s Instructions, and terms in our insurance to ensure all colour clients have been appropriately tested.
Skin Testing is a legal requirement, and cannot be avoided. 
All new colour clients MUST have a skin test, this will be done on your Consultation prior to scheduling your services.
Skin testing also needs to be performed every six months on regular clients, even if you have had a colouring service in that period of time.
You will also need an up to date skin test if since your last appointment you have:
Coloured your hair with different products
Used black henna since your last colouring appointment, this may be in the form of a tattoo.
Had COVID-19
Had a COVID-19 Vaccination since their last colouring service
Require a formula change / different colour
Experienced a change in health
Had a change in medication

Green & Co offer a space where EVERYONE is welcome. We actively support all communities of people, including, but not limited to:
All genders
All religions
All races
All levels of ability
All ages
If you require service adaptations to ensure your comfort within the salon, please get in touch with us: info@greenandcosalon.co.uk
While we also encourage everyone to speak their truth, we do have a zero tolerance policy on: 
Hate speech of any kind
Racism of any kind
Discrimination of any kind
Bullying of any kind
We reserve the right to end your service immediately should these behaviours become apparent.
We welcome and inspire our guests to show kindness and compassion within the salon, to maintain a wholesome environment for everyone.

We are a dog friendly salon, we even have two of our own mascots! You are welcome to bring your beloved furry friend, so long as they are well behaved, or if they’re not – they must be entertaining!
With this in mind, please let us know if you have allergies and we can make alternative arrangements and adaptations for your visit.

We are a COVID secure salon space. We have implemented strict measures above and beyond government guidance, in order to protect our staff and guests.
We kindly request that you follow our COVID Security guidelines when you visit the salon. 

The salon is available for everyone, however we are legally unable to perform any colouring services on anyone under 16 years of age.

Green & Co are fully compliant with GDPR Legislation. Your information will never be passed to any third party. We do not store card details on our system. Our booking system is a secure system that stores personal Information that you have provided to us.
We do operate CCTV externally at the salon. This is purely for the purposes of crime prevention, and protection if the property. This is only available to be viewed by the salon owner (Megan Green), and Police when requested.

Green & Co always strives to create a safe environment. We are fully up to date with all legislation relating to Health and Safety. This includes both staff, and guests. 
All our Health & Safety documents are available to view on the premises, when requested. 


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