We encourage the welfare of our inner and outer selves through sustainability and organic goodness.

A SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT where relationships can be established and nurtured.

Here at GREEN & CO

We believe in offering a varied, modern service menu that encourages the use of organic products, sustainable practises, and an eco friendly ethos. 

Our salon is chemical free, with our colour line being ammonia free, and Vegan friendly.

We chose to work closely with Oway products, a range that is biodynamic, delivering products that have at least 98.8% natural and organic ingredients.

Oway believe in reducing the damage to our planet throughout the entire process of production.

From growing their plants in sync with the lunar cycle, reducing machinery use, through to using recyclable packaging, as well as encouraging their consumers to reuse their bottles.

We believe that as everything you put on your hair and skin is absorbed in to your body – if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on the outside?

Having a colour line that is toxin free, enables us to cater to a diverse clientele, yet doesn’t limit the range of services and techniques that we provide.

We are proud and honoured to be the first salon in the UK to stock and professionally use the entire way range.

We all regularly attend training courses to develop and further our skills, such as the latest Balayage techniques, and cruelty free lash extensions.  


We are incredibly honoured to have been awarded green salon of the year 2018 at the salon business awards. An award that recognises our efforts to protect our planet, and the sustainable practices that we incorporate in our salon life.

We are a very small team, so do get booked up incredibly fast, particularly around the busy times of year such as Christmas. We advise you to book in advance, and expect a 3-5 week wait for colouring appointments.

Having a small team, enables us to keep a warm, friendly atmosphere where you feel relaxed and at home.



As the name suggest, Stacey co owns the salon alongside Megan. Stacey is a fully trained Beauty Therapist, and soon to be Hair Stylist.

Stacey has been immersing herself in various courses to bring a fresh, new approach to the salon, as well as some amazing services, such as Microblading.

All beauty services are cruelty free, organic, and vegan friendly.


Megan is an experienced Hair stylist, with over 10 years experience in the industry. Megan specialises in Blondes, Balayage, and Great Lengths Hair Extensions, and is an absolute perfectionist.

Megan undertakes multiple courses a year to bring the newest techniques and products to the salon. Megan has a large, loyal clientele, and its not unusual to find her fully booked six weeks in advance!


Lauren has worked closely, alongside Megan throughout her training over the past couple of years. She is now a fully fledged stylist, with her work far surpassing any expectations.

Her standard of work maintains our high standards, and gives our clients a modern, fresh take on traditional looks. She has a background in beauty and spa work, so understands the importance of a relaxed relationship with her clients.


Olivia has joined the team recently, and fits in just perfectly. She is an adaptable and skilled stylist offering all services to an exceptional standard.

Olivia recognises modern trends, and manages client expectations perfectly.

She is on hand to provide all the advice you need when creating your dream hair.



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