We encourage the welfare of our inner and outer selves through sustainability and organic goodness.

A SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT where relationships can be established and nurtured.

Here at GREEN & CO

We believe in offering a varied, modern service menu that encourages the use of organic products, sustainable practises, and an eco friendly ethos. 

Our salon is chemical free, with our colour line being ammonia free, and Vegan friendly.

We chose to work closely with Oway products, a range that is biodynamic, delivering products that have at least 98.8% natural and organic ingredients.

Oway believe in reducing the damage to our planet throughout the entire process of production.

From growing their plants in sync with the lunar cycle, reducing machinery use, through to using recyclable packaging, as well as encouraging their consumers to reuse their bottles.

We believe that as everything you put on your hair and skin is absorbed in to your body – if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on the outside? Having a colour line that is toxin free, enables us to cater to a diverse clientele, yet doesn’t limit the range of services and techniques that we provide. Green & Co values our staff with tremendous appreciation. Operating a modern approach to employment, we will always put our staff first. We firmly believe that happy staff = happy clients.

So you can come to us, rest assured that we are like one big family, with each and every person supported and nurtured, enabling them to grow in to their true selves. This ultimately enables our guests to experience a string team with a diverse skillset.


We are incredibly honoured to have been awarded green salon of the year 2018 at the salon business awards. An award that recognises our efforts to protect our planet, and the sustainable practices that we incorporate in our salon life.

We are a very small team, so do get booked up incredibly fast, particularly around the busy times of year such as Christmas. We advise you to book in advance, and expect a 3-5 week wait for colouring appointments.

Having a small team, enables us to keep a warm, friendly atmosphere where you feel relaxed and at home.



Hey! I was going to write about myself in third person here, but it was kind of weird, so I’m just writing my blurb normally. I began working for myself at the age of 18, progressing from Mobile, to Renting a Chair and then finally opening Green & Co in 2017. The aim of Green & Co is to create a different, unique experience for guests, as well as staff. I hold my team in such high regard, they are what make the salon incredible, and I am forever grateful to have been lucky enough to find such an amazing Team. 

Megan – Blonde & Balayage Specialist  

Chloe started her journey with Green & Co in October 2019. As a qualified stylist who had been out of the industry for a little while, Chloe joined us as an assistant to grow and learn. She has now progressed to Blossoming Stylist, and soon to be Home Grown Stylist. Her beautiful smile will always put you at ease, and she will listen very carefully to your requirements, executing them with nothing less than perfection. Chloe has found herself to be incredibly strong technically with Blondes & traditional foiling services.


Our most recent addition to the team, is our beautiful Jen. Jen is working incredibly hard to gain her qualification in Hairdressing, largely working within the salon for hands on experience. Jen has easily become part of the team. Jen has a beautifully laid-back personality, which means your appointment will always be indulgent, and never rushed. Having completed the standards we require, on mannequin heads, Jen is now ready to accept clients to progress through her assessments. Please get in touch to get booked in.

Jen – Budding Stylist

Jasmine is a well rounded stylist in all areas, but has a particular fondness and skill for Blondes. Jasmine is an incredibly keen learner, and will always push herself outside of her comfort zone to achieve the results you would like. She is always looking to adapt, learn and grow and loves a challenge!  Jasmine is an absolute pleaser, and will always go out of her way to make sure you are comfortable and happy. She will always take the time to discuss your options, and design your hair journey just the way you want it.

Jasmine – Home Grown Stylist

Liv has been with Green & Co since pretty early on, when there was just three of us. Liv has grown with Green & Co, and has undoubtedly been heavily involved in Green & Co growing. She is an outstanding Stylist in all areas, and settled comfortably into specialising in Vivid and Creative colouring. Liv has an incredible relationship with her clients, and provides thorough, helpful advice. She is more than happy to suggest new things for you that you might like. Liv is also an integral person in our in-house training, often tutoring others to earn new techniques, and encouraging them to push themselves.

Liv – Vivid Specialist

Much like Chloe, Jade is a qualified stylist, that has been out of the industry for a little while. Her eagerness to learn and interest in hair has meant she has developed at a rapid rate. Jade is now qualified in Great Lengths Hair Extensions and is constantly pushing and educating herself in all areas of Hairdressing. If you are a person that isn’t sure what you want – Jade is your girl. Jade is an incredible listener and will guide you so well if you are in a hair rut. Jade is incredibly open and honest and will always design a fantastic hair plan. Jade also has the honour of being our nominated salon “Chief Adult” to keep us wild ones in check!

JADE – Blossoming Stylist

Vera joined us at 9 weeks old in July 2020. She is a much loved member of the team, and has a lot of potential in her role. She is progressing through her training well, with a couple of setbacks here and there, but it simply adds to her charm and character. As her title suggests, she is always up for a cuddle, and just any attention she can get. Her sassy side may come out from time to time if she is not involved in your conversation. She will periodically peel herself from her throne to do her “round”, checking everyone is happy and enjoying themselves at the salon.

Aloe Vera – Customer Happiness Manager & Chief Cuddler


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